Comm:隔夜市场 英国和挪威维持利率不变,瑞士继续降息

英国央行和挪威央行均维持利率不变,符合预期,而瑞士央行则下调了 25 个基点。瑞士央行率先降息,引领欧洲,而英国央行尽管通胀率达到 2% 的目标区间,仍维持利率不变。英国央行不愿在 7 月 4 日大选前采取行动,市场预计 8 月将降息。欧洲的经济状况肯定需要降息,同时大西洋彼岸的美国情况正在迅速恶化。建筑许可和新屋开工均大幅下降,而费城联储制造业指数也在下降。欧洲各地的政治不确定性正在迅速显现,经济陷入衰退,地缘政治压力不断增加,令人担忧。英国央行的举措预示着英镑下跌,跌至 1.2660,而欧元则维持在 1.0700。
新西兰元 GDP 增长超出预期,第一季度增长 0.2%,反映出大规模移民的影响。新西兰经济虽然脱离技术性衰退,但仍处于低迷状态。今日市场等待亚洲、欧洲和北美的 PMI 数据。
The Bank of England and the Norges Bank both left interest rates unchanged, in line with expectations, while the Swiss National Bank cut 25 basis points. The SNB lead the way in Europe, with interest rate cuts, while the Bank of England hold despite hitting the 2% target range for inflation. The BoE would be reluctant to act before the election, July 4th, while a cut is expected in August. Economic conditions in Europe certainly demand rate cuts, while things are deteriorating fast across the Atlantic, in the USA. Building Permits and Housing Starts both suffered sharp falls, while the Philly Fed Manufacturing Index was also in decline. The political uncertainties across Europe are materialising fast, as economies suffer recession and Geo-Political pressures build, ominously. The Bank of England moves heralded a decline in the GBP, falling to 1.2660, while the EUR held 1.0700.
NZD GDP growth beat expectations, rising 0.2% for Q1, a reflection of massive immigration. The NZ economy is out of the technical recession but remains very much depressed. Markets await PMI data from Asia, Europe and North America in today’s trade.
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